Lawn Care Tips For Texas Homeowners

A beautifully manicured lawn that is free from weeds can enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. It can also provide a soft surface underfoot where children and pets can play safely or where you can walk barefoot, enjoying the feel of the grass tickling the bottom of your feet.

The weather in Texas can vary quite a bit depending on the season. There are different steps that you need to take throughout the year to keep your lawn looking great.

If you are planting a new lawn from scratch, make sure that you choose grass seed that is appropriate for the amount of sunlight that your yard gets. At the store, you will find seed mixes that are designed for sunny areas, shady areas, or areas that get both shade and sun. Think about how the sun hits your yard throughout the year and choose a mix that will work for your situation.

After your lawn is established, you should get on a regular mowing schedule. During the spring when the grass is growing the fastest, you should mow your lawn at least once a week. Try to mow in different directions each time so that the grass doesn’t get pushed down in a single direction.

As the weather gets warmer and the rate of growth starts to slow down, you can mow less often. Never cut your grass shorter than a couple of inches. If you cut it too short, it makes it easier for weed seeds to germinate. Additionally, the grass will be more likely to burn or dry out in the hot summer sun. Leaving it a little bit longer is a much better option since it keeps the sun from getting to any weed seeds, reducing the chances that they will germinate.

You should also make sure that you water your lawn correctly. Ideally, you should water it deeply a couple of times a week. Make sure to leave the sprinkler on long enough that the water can soak deep down into the soil. This will help encourage the roots of the grass to grow deeper, creating a healthier, more well-established lawn.

Caring for a lawn in Texas doesn’t have to be time-consuming. As long as you mow it regularly, you should be able to keep weeds to a minimum. Deep watering will also encourage healthy root growth, helping your lawn withstand the heat of a typical Texas summer.